Saturday, July 30: Gettysburg to Philadelphia

We went to Gettysburg today. We walked around the battlefield, looking at statues of people and cannons that they used in the Civil War. I took pictures of a lot of stuff there. There was one large memorial site, it had the names of soldiers who died. It had a statue of Abraham Lincoln!!! :) He gave his Gettysburg address near there. We went up in the big memorial and looked at everything from above.

Then we drove to my uncle Jamie's house. My cousins Eli, Chloe, Reid, Meg & Lewis were there. (along with their parents too!) And Gramma and Grampa Norm. We played, we swam in Jamie's pool and rode on his tire swing. We went to his work. (We had a tour of Philadelphia Bible College).

  • Anthony , age 8 (with a little assistance from mom)

Sunday July 31: Philadelphia to DC/Virginia

Today we spent a lot of time with our wonderful family. The kids swam and played together. I think this was the first time ALL the kids have interacted and had a good time together... Anthony used his baby whispering skills on baby Lewis who was cranky and didn't want to be held or sleep. Curled in his arms Lewis was content and went to sleep! It was very cute.

Once we left it was a pretty boring day... driving to DC, saw a few sights from the car, and then went to the hotel to settle in and get some groceries for dinners ...


Vacation 2011

So we are off on an adventure. We left Friday morning and picked up Sydney and Anthony from church camp and headed out. Ultimate destination: Washington DC. First stop: Gettysburg. We got in late last night- the curvy roads to get here after the PA turnpike SUCK! Waiting on the children this morning to eat their breakfast so we can head to the battlefield. Anthony can't wait to see where Lincoln did his big speech! And the battlefield... Think he is gonna be disappointed when the battlefield looks like a big grassy field! But my little history buff can't wait! - hopefully the next entry will be from one of the children. Til then.... Jen :)

Money for nothing

This article was originally published on my old blog site on January 5, 2010.

The american dream isn’t it? Getting something for nothing at all. It seems so real, and yet so unattainable all at the same time. Why is that? Why does it seem like we just can’t get something for nothing? I ask myself this all of the time, but lately I have come to a realization.

However, before I get there, I need to ask you, my dedicated reader, how do you define the word “something” when you hear the phrase “something for nothing?” Working under the assumption that I am not as abnormal as everyone makes me out to be, then I am probably safe in saying that when you think of all of this, you probably think of something large — a car, or say a million dollars. I know that that is what it used to mean to me.

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Le Grand Meaulnes

This article was originally published on (before I lost admin access to it) on October 21, 2009.

Pancakes, flu shots, and now some French thing? You may be asking yourself what gives? Well if you didn’t notice, the title of this post is the same as my blog’s name @ WordPress. It also used to be my Twitterhandle. It used to be my IRC nickname (and still is on the occasion that I jump on).

I would hazard a guess that most of the people reading this have probably not heard of this book. I read this book during one of my final semesters of being a graduate student in French Literature. It was after I had received my Masters, during my coursework for the PhD. It may have been the semester that I decided to stop pursuing my PhD.

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Sucker's Bet

This article is an archive of an article I wrote on my old blog site, which I lost admin access to. It was originally published on October 20, 2009.

I hate watching the news. Not because it is depressing, or because it is too violent. Mostly because it makes me sad that so many people believe everything they hear on there without questioning or attempting to determine if what they are being told is true or not.

Recently, every time I turn on the local news, there is something about H1N1. There are flu shots (not H1N1) galore at work. People are seriously scared … of the flu. The FLU!

Yes, the flu is a fatal virus, and it is unfortunate that it kills as many people as it does every year.  It is also unfortunate that science does not look for some other way to deal with the flu than through a vaccine.

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This was archived from my old blog site that I lost admin access to. It was originally posted on October 18, 2009.

So my first blog post is going to be about pancakes. When I was a kid, my Dad would occasionally make pancakes from scratch, but more often than not, we would make them from a store-bought mix. Well when we moved to Indiana, my Mom would bring us some of that mix from time to time, and we tried a few different mixes that we would find at Kroger, but none of them were quite up to snuff.

I suppose that I should point out here, that there is a huge long list of food that I am kind of a snob about (someday I will post about Vodka). Pancakes are one of them. There is no good-enough pancake. Either they are awesome or inedible.

I was about to give up on pancakes. We had found an awesome recipe for waffles, but waffles are a bit of a pain to make; and as Alton Brown would say, waffles are a different article. But then it was Alton Brown to the rescue.

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So we are in the midst of planning a camping trip with some friends. Sydney and I have been working on a list of stuff to take camping. (It should count towards a badge that Sydney is working on for Girl Scouts). Given how it's always interesting watching how these lists can grow over time and the we also needed a quick way to share this list with the friends with whom we are planning on camping; I thought I would post the list up here, and people can use the comments section to make additions / suggestions as necessary.

The list is somewhat stream of consciousness, but here we go:

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Busy couple of weeks

Update Feb 3, 2015: Max's Place closed recently. Bummer. I guess I'll need to find a new favorite pizza place

On the off chance that anyone out there was awaiting the answer to the dinosaur creative writing project, I thought that I would post something about it all. It turns out that the topic may have been a little too much, so we may be scrapping that topic, and trying to move forward.

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So the first summer family writing challenge is inspired by our new recent favorite TV show: Heros. We have been watching it on Netflix, and the kids seem to dig it. I like it because it is fairly clean entertainment. In any case, on to the question:

Which superpower would you most like to have-- invisibility, super strength, or the ability to fly? Describe what kinds of things you would do with your powers.

Here are the responses:

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