Monday, August 1 : DC bound!

Posted by kirk on Aug. 1, 2011

Today was the first day in DC! We visited many monuments and memorials. My favorite was the Lincoln memorial. We also went to the Smithsonian Museum of American history. My two favorite parts of that was the first lady's dress. my favorite one was Ms.Obama's dress. My other favorite thing was the original Sam and Friends (A Jim Henson creation) puppets.
--Sydney, age 11

Today was the first day in DC as seen above it was kinda fun. I wasn't into as much of it as both of my siblings were...a lot of the day was spent walking from place to place. If i had to pick a favorite it would be the conversion from outside looking at famous memorials to being inside the sweet sweet air conditioning of the American History Smithsonian but that's just me...and my favorite exhibit would have been the military history. It had a thorough teaching of the Revolutionary War, The Civil War, WW1, WW2, the Korean War and the Vietnamese War. --Ross, age 12

We went to Ford's theater. It is important to me because that is where Abraham lincoln was shot. Then we saw the White House. And the coolest thing ever: The Lincoln memorial. Then we went to Smithsonian Museum of American History. My favorite things there were Presidential Area. I saw President Lincoln's hat. The one he was wearing the night he was shot. they had lots of other presidents stuff too. I also like the room with the 1939 stuff. It had cool comic book stuff. Riding the Metro was fun and kinda painful - when it stops.
-- Anthony, age 8

So today was a long day of walking. We walked everywhere once we hit the city. Ford's Theater, Monuments, white House, Museum of American HIstory. Enjoyed our day. Highlight reel... Sydney's face when she saw the Jim Henson original Sam and friends puppets, Anthony at all things Lincoln ( and there are alot) & him looking at the side of an exhibit in the museum about presidents and saying oh thats Reagan stuff... we couldn't see anything much.. but the Jelly beans were visible. He's funny like that... could point out several like things of other presidents. Ross really got interested in the Military section.

Best of all : I survived the metro ! For those who don't know.. I don't like to be underground or in tight quarters...

What we did learn ... no matter how tired everyone is at 5pm... wait til 6 to leave.. don't ride the Metro at 5pm... DUH!

More tomorrow night... not sure what all we are even doing tomorrow yet... -- Jen