Saturday, July 30: Gettysburg to Philadelphia

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We went to Gettysburg today. We walked around the battlefield, looking at statues of people and cannons that they used in the Civil War. I took pictures of a lot of stuff there. There was one large memorial site, it had the names of soldiers who died. It had a statue of Abraham Lincoln!!! :) He gave his Gettysburg address near there. We went up in the big memorial and looked at everything from above.

Then we drove to my uncle Jamie's house. My cousins Eli, Chloe, Reid, Meg & Lewis were there. (along with their parents too!) And Gramma and Grampa Norm. We played, we swam in Jamie's pool and rode on his tire swing. We went to his work. (We had a tour of Philadelphia Bible College).

  • Anthony , age 8 (with a little assistance from mom)
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