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So the first summer family writing challenge is inspired by our new recent favorite TV show: Heros. We have been watching it on Netflix, and the kids seem to dig it. I like it because it is fairly clean entertainment. In any case, on to the question:

Which superpower would you most like to have-- invisibility, super strength, or the ability to fly? Describe what kinds of things you would do with your powers.

Here are the responses:


When waxing poetic about superpowers people often will talk at great length about what the powers get for you, but not what the downsides are. Frankly it is easy to chose a power based on what we see in the movies, but choosing a superpower that one would be able to use in real life is much more challenging. Think about it:

Invincibility (ability to heal) would essentially mean immortality. As we age, the seasons seem to go by faster and faster. As someone got to be older and older (beyond the normal) time would seem to move so quickly that \"normal\" people's lives would seem to pass by almost instantaneously. Essentially the invincible person ends up living a life of solitude; likely ending up insane.

Flying, the traditional power, can be approached from a few different angles. Flying with superspeed, and not superreflexes and supersight means that you would be flying into birds and planes, and skyscrapers and such. Of course, you could fly slower. But to fly slow enough so that you could have an appropriate reaction time .. welll why bother? Just drive!

Invisibility is always an appealing power. However the ability to set your own morality when you don't have to look at yourself in the mirror is something that most people could probably not deal with. There are lots of studies to prove it, just use Google.

So it would seem that superstrength would be the answer. Unfortunately, the human skeltal system is designed to only handle so much stress. Using superstrength (say to stop a bus) would result in most of your bones being broken.

What's left? The answer, of course, is super-humor. The ability to keep one's foes in stitches as necessary, well it is invaluable. No threat to one's self -- or not that I have been able to come up with yet, and I have done extensive research at Cracked and Funny or Die. So I choose super-humor. I have a long way to go, I think. I'll be sure to let you know if I ever get there.


I am super mom and I can read your mind.  I can tell what you want without you having to say a word. I can hear your thoughts on the playground and will be able to stop you from making bad decisions.  When you get angry at me, make sure you censor your thoughts, because I will know all those things you don't say but are still thinking.

Since I gained my power I have rescued several people from evil doers. When evil doers are around I can hear them and manipulate their settings to move those who may be in danger.

Sometimes I hear things I wish I had not heard. Knowing all your deepest thoughts is not always a good thing. It is very hard to be surprised.  People get upset when I give them things they have yet to ask for.

Overall it is a great power.


If I had a super power it would be  to be invisible. I would use it to fight villains and make it merely impossible to be beat in a fight.  It is a good power to  have but it does have a down fall like you would never get to see your family, friends and you would be the worlds loneliest person. You would not even get to put your name or picture in the world record book in the book because everyone would forget you even exist. But it does give you self privacy 24 hours a day.  That is if I was a superhero.


If I had a power it would be to heal my wounds. So if I was a superhero when I get hurt I would heal. I could fight without a weapon and still be alive after the fight.  If I was  superhero that is.


If I had a super power it would be to paint the future. I would paint someone fighting a robot. I would save the world from the robots who will bomb the world.

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