Thursday, August 4: Mount Vernon -- a day way too short!

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So we opted out of the busy city today and thought we would check out Mount Vernon. Wow I am so glad we did. Kirk went all out today and got the full package plus the National Treasure 2 tour.  So we got to ride the spirit of Washington tour boat -- pretty short, beautiful views, very relaxing! We toured the house and grounds, went to the distillery and gristmill... we arrived at 11am (should have been there at 9 but I let everyone sleep in... note to anyone who goes... do it early! There is soooo much to see!) and we left around 5:30.  The house was amazing.  Can't even imagine the work it took to make it so magnificent.  The gardens, the buildings, the work... most amazing to me was the faux brick exterior: beveled wood made in shape of stone and painted - while the pain it wet they put clean sand on it - making it look like stone!   I am sure I can't do the description well enough but it looked very cool! What else... so many things I can't tell you all... Washington was truly before his times... rotating crop fields, composting, sanitation, freeing slaves... just very cool to think he was thinking so far ahead.

In the end of our tour  we learned that Washington was scared of being buried alive so he wanted to be laid out in the formal dining room for 2 days so they could be sure he was really dead.  That is a serious phobia... And they actually left him out for 3 days.  Ewww.... and where they went to eat after... UGH!  Anyways, this is up there in my top days here.  Seeing all the monuments was great on Monday but this is a close 2nd!   So much more I could say but you should all go there yourselves and experience it !

Now for the kids...

Today was one of my favorite days of the week. We got to see the basement of George Washington's house which was cool because in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets they made a replica of it. We also got to see the inside of the house too.  -- Sydney

I think the coolest part of today would have been getting to see the lawn and other places where they shot the movie National Treasures 2 And to get to go into the basement and see the vaults where George Washington kept his harvested food. I think the funniest part of the day was when the tour guide said that her kids favorite part of the national treasure tour was getting to pass a Do Not Enter sign.  --Ross

Today I went to Mount Vernon. It was really fun. I got to see George Washington's house and go in it. We got to go on a cruise boat.  --Anthony

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