Running Journal: Feb 06, 2017

Type of Run

Interval / Distance: 2x 2.7 miles; .3 miles recovery



Time & Pace

59:01 10:27 / min


In the neighboorhood


Moderately hilly

How I felt

Good. Right calf was a little crampy, but no cramp ever developed.


Not too bad. Never really felt like I hit a wall. Heart was 50 minutes of Peak (according to FitBit), which is over 152 bpm.


Nice sunny day. About 25 degrees when I left. Wore Nike tights, and running shorts, long sleeved drifit T, with a cotton T over top. Mittens. No hat. Was just about perfect.

Didn't plan the route out very well. In order to avoid the big downhill by the Rogers & High roundabout, I ended up going back through the Stands, which meant that I finished the run well over a mile from home.

Other Stuff (Optional)

Weight: 211

Diet: Ate healthy yesterday.

Training For: Endurance / distance

Shoes: Blue & Yellow Brooke's. 53 miles