Running Journal: Feb 11, 2017

Type of Run

Interval / Distance: 2x 3 miles; .3 miles recovery


6.3 miles

Time & Pace

1:08 10:49 / mile


1.5 laps around the track at the southeast Y, then straight out to High Street. Across High Street to the end of Rock Creek Drive. Loop around the circle, and back to High Street. Turn right, past Childs, and up the hill on Rogers. Cross the round about and up Sare Rd to Jackson Creek. Through the parking lot, to Olcott park, and down the trail to Sherwood Oaks park. Across the goat farm portion of the trail, and up the stairs. Head home.

A map


Somewhat hilly -- a couple of good hills. Fitbit says 46 flights of stairs.

How I felt



Was a struggle through the whole thing. My heart rate was over 155 for most of the run.


This was an afternoon run on a very warm day (65 degrees) after 2 days of not eating well (lots of fried food).

Other Stuff (Optional)

Weight: 213

Diet: Not great. Fish & Chips for lunch the previous day, Golden Corral lunch the day of.

Training For: Distance / Endurance

Shoes: Blue & Yellow Brooke's. 66 miles.