Running Journal: Jan 14, 2017

Type of Run

Intervals: 5 minute warm up, 5x 1400 yards w/ 175 yard recovery. 5 minute cooldown.


4.38 Miles

Time & Pace

45:25 10:22 / miles


Around the trail by the Y, past Childs, through the goat farm, to Sherwood Oaks park. Turn west to head up the hill, and then right at the stop sign. Left at the next stop sign, and then right at the following stop sign. Turn left to go up into the neighborhood of duplex units, and map the lap around the circle, back out to the main road. Left at the tennis courts, and right at the corner, and then right again. Head back to home.


Pretty hilly. Fitbit says 288 feet of elevation change.

How I felt

OK. Not great. Was a little tenuous about potential ice.


34 minutes peak heart rate. 13 minutes cardio.

I recall feeling pretty good about it.


It was right around 33 degrees outside, and had been raining. Could have been icy.

Other Stuff (Optional)



Training For: Adding distance.

Shoes: Blue and Yellow Brooks. 1st run. 4.38 miles total.