Running Journal: Jan 17, 2017

Type of Run

Intervals: 5 minute warm up, 5x 1400 yards w/ 175 yard recovery. 5 minute cooldown.


4.38 miles

Time & Pace

44:21 overall 10:07 pace


Started at the Depot. North on Morton to 11th. Left onto 11th, to Rogers. South on Rogers -> B-Line trail. South on B-Line trail to Tapp road. Turn around, north back to Depot.


Pretty flat. 9 hills according to Fitbit.

How I felt

Really good.


It felt relatively easy. According to fitbit, heartrate was 22 minutes peak, and 22 minutes cardio.


It was warm this morning. 58 degrees at the start of the run, about 52 degrees at the end.

Other Stuff (Optional)

Weight: 215

Diet: No meat yesterday

Training For: Adding distance

Shoes: Blue and Yellow Brooks. 2nd run. Total 9 miles so far.