Running Journal: Jan 20, 2017

Type of Run

Intervals: 5 minute warm up, 4x 2100 yards w/ 175 yard recovery. 5 minute cooldown.


5.07 miles

Time & Pace


10:10 min / mile


Same as last time.


Mostly flat. Same as last time.

How I felt

Hit a wall at 3 miles. I felt it.


According to fit bit: 39 minutes peak, 12 minutes cardio.

The first 3 miles felt great.


It was misty, and about 49 degrees outside. I should have skipped the mittens, the tights, and the long sleeved undershirt. By the end, I was way too hot.

If the misting hadn't stopped, nipples probably would have been bleeding by the end. Sore all day long.

Other Stuff (Optional)

Weight: 213 (ish)

Diet: Ate a breakfast sandwich. Might consider eating more.

Training For: Conditioning / adding distance.

Shoes: Blue and Yellow Brooks. 3nd run. Total 14 miles so far.