Running Journal: Jan 22, 2017

Type of Run

Intervals: 5 minute warm up, 4x 2100 yards w/ 175 yard recovery. 5 minute cooldown.



Time & Pace

53:56 10:38 min / mile


Around the mile loop by the Y, and half way around again. Straight out to High street. Left to go past Childs, over to the goat farm, and across to Sherwood oaks park. Up the hill, and off to the left down the dead end. Continue straight and across the street. Go on until the T is reached. 180 back, but head off to the left. Continue back to Allendale. Left to the stop sign. Turn left at the apartment where Chris and Kathleen used to live, and around the loop. Back out and to the left again. Left at the tennis court, and around back out to Winslow. Right, and head home.


Decent amount of hills. Fitbit measure something like 30 flights of stairs.

How I felt

Felt OK.


It was hard. Really hit a wall again between 2.5 mile and 3 miles (also happens to be a big hill at that point this time). Pace dropped way off at that point.


Gorgeous outside. 60 degrees. No tights or anything. Started to feel a cramp at one point, but it went away. Also ran in the afternoon, after eating too much pizza for lunch.

Had a blister on my left foot from the previous run. Didn't feel it (had a bandage on it), but I did feel it afterwards.

Other Stuff (Optional)


Diet: Ate a small piece of chicken the previous night. May have upset my stomach. Ate 1/2 large pizza for lunch as well.

Training For: Conditioning / adding distance

Shoes: Blue & yellow Brooke's. 19 miles so far.